For Nursery admissions only, please contact the school office on 020 8904 3602.

2017/2018 Admissions Procedure

Parents who wish their child to be admitted into the school from Reception to Year 6 must apply directly to the London Borough of Brent Admissions Service at:                                                                                                                      

                                                                                                   Brent School Admissions Team

Brent Civic Centre,

Engineers Way,



Tel: 020 8937 3110

For further information regarding admissions, please follow the link below. 

All new applications must be made directly to the Admissions Service at the above address. If you have any queries about the process of applying for a place in a Brent Community Primary School, please contact the Team Leader at Brent Customer Services/Children's Team.

Once offered a place from the London Borough of Brent Admissions Services, parents who have not had their child attending our nursery will need to collect and complete a Preston Park School Application form. This should be returned to us promptly and provides us with additional information needed for our school records.

Children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs are considered separately. Brent Council will consider parental preference and consult the school with basis of preference. SENAS (Special Educational Needs Assessment Service) will aim to complete the process of 'naming' before the places are allocated in the coordinated scheme.

Applications to our Nursery are not coordinated centrally by the London Borough of Brent Admissions Services. Parents will need to apply directly to the school office where you may collect, complete and return a Preston Park Primary School Application form.

Each class has a maximum of 30 pupils. We are a four form entry school with a part time morning and afternoon Nursery.

Where there are more applications than there are places in any Community School's year group, pupils are offered places in the following order: (Brent Community Primary Schools all operate the same set of criteria)

  1. 1. Children 'looked after' by the local authority. (Young People in Public Care.)
    2. Children attending an infant school on the same site as the junior school.
    3. Children for whom it is essential to be admitted because of a special circumstance to do with significant medical needs, social needs or special educational needs.
    4. Brothers or sisters of a child who attends the school or an infant school or junior school on the same or adjoining site, and who will continue to do so on the date of admission.
    5. Children living within the school's catchment area who live nearest to the school judged by the shortest measured walking distance by public right of way from home to school. The catchment area is defined by the Local Authority and is designed to ensure that each address in the borough falls into a catchment area of one school. Information on which streets make up the catchment area can be obtained by clicking here.
    6. Children living outside the school's catchment area.

Please note that attendance in the nursery does not affect admissions into reception classes. Pupils are allocated part time places in the nursery according to the above criteria but priority is given to Brent residents. Please either speak to admissions staff at the Front Office or email us at if you require further information on the admissions criteria into our nursery.