General Info


Attendance and Punctuality - Attend and achieve! Please ensure your child is at school on time before 8:45am, well rested and prepared for the day ahead. Attendance and punctuality matters. Even being late 5 minutes a day has a negative impact on learning. What does an attendance rate of 90% look like? If you have a 90% attendance record, it means that you are absent from lessons for the equivalent of one half-day every week. Danger Zone: As few as 17 missed days over the school year reduces your chances of success. There is research to suggest that GCSE results could drop by one grade across all subjects!

Mobile Phones - Just a reminder that mobile phones are not permitted in school. The only time mobile phones are allowed in school is if your child is walking home by themselves (Y5 and Y6 only). If this is the case, the phone must be clearly labelled with name and class cello-taped on the back of the phone. The phone must be brought through the gates switched off. At registration, the class teacher will collect the mobile phones in and they will be locked in the school safe. At the end of the day the children will be given back their phones. They can be switched on outside the school gates

Bicycles & scooters: If  you allow your child to come to school on a bike or a scooter, please be aware that they are not allowed to ride them on the school premises. Please ensure that your child steps off their bike or scooter at the schools gates and walks into school.  At the end of the school day, allow your child to ride home on their bike or scooter starting from the school gate.

Accidents and Head Injuries - All accidents are recorded and children will be treated accordingly by first aid trained staff. If your child has an accident you will receive a slip from the class teacher when you collect your child from school. If the accident is more serious we will contact you immediately- please ensure we have the correct contact details on our system.In the case of an emergency we will call the ambulance first and then call you.

If your child has a head injury at school we will contact you immediately to let you know. We will only ask you to come into school if it is serious. When you collect your child you will receive an information sheet about how to monitor your child following a head injury. In the case of an emergency we will call the ambulance first and then call you.

Birthdays - Please do not bring in cakes that need to be cut for your child’s birthday for health and safety reasons.