Charges and Remissions

At Preston Park, we recognise the valuable contribution that a wide range of activities, including trips, clubs, extended services and residential experiences can make towards pupils education.  There are however, times when charges will apply.  Please review the following information so that you know which services, clubs, trips we will charge for.

School dinners

£2.10 per day, per child (menus are available from the school office)

Breakfast club

£1.50 per session, per child, payable in advance

After School Club Activities i.e football, basketball, wildlife, arts & crafts, ICT club:

£4.00 per session payable half termly (sessions are for 1hr)

Extended Afterschool Club service

3:20 - 5:45pm £10 per session, per child payable weekly in advance

Instrumental Tuition

If your child is having tuition for a musical instrument during school hours, then the cost is £50.00 per term

iPad Parental Payment Schemes

If you wish to be part of our iPad schemes then a £50.00 deposit must be paid and then a monthly contribution.  This amount will depend on the Year group your child is in i.e. 4, 5 & 6.  Information regarding this scheme is available from the school office

Returned Unpaid Cheques

There will be a £2 charge for any cheque that is returned to us from the bank as we incur this charge for unpaid cheques


School Trips

We try to make sure that the majority of school trips are free.  If we need to apply a charge then:

  • We have needed to book a coach (mainly because public transport can not get the children to the destination) but the school will subsidise so the fee will be small
  • If there is an entrance fee or if we need to purchase tickets 
  • If child are allowed to bring spending money on the trip


Residential School Visits

These normally only happen in Yrs 5 & 6 when the children are older, and more independent:

  • Costs for these trips will vary depending on the length of stay and the activities the children will take part in
  • Again, spending money may be required by the child


Miscellaneous payments

Books sales, charitiy days, mother's day sale, school summer fair & cake sales




Individual pages

Double sided













There is a £10 admin charge for any amount copied – payments will need to be paid to the school office / finance department – cheques should be made payable to Preston Park Primary School. This price includes stapling of documents / collating.