At Preston Park, each staff member carries out their duty by a code of conduct as dictated within our policies.  Please click on each tab to view a particular policy.  If you require further assistance then please contact the school office.


For the ICT Policy, please see the ICT tab on the left.  For the Online Safety Policy, please see the Online Safety tab on the right.

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Travel to School

Our school is situated in the middle of a residential area on a small road and the area can easily become very congested which is a danger to everyone. All families are asked to walk to school if at all possible, and only drive to school if absolutely necessary. 

Parking – please abide by the following for the safety of everyone connected with our school and our neighbours.
Cars must not be parked:

Where any residents’ access might be obstructed

On corners or junctions that affect visibility for pedestrians or drivers

On grass verges or pavements

Directly opposite other parked cars as this could prevent access for emergency vehicles

Please do consider parking further away from school and walking the remaining distance. This has benefits for the safety of us all around the immediate school area and also the health of the children.

Thank you to all who show consideration for the safety and well-being of everyone at our school and in the local community.

Click here for the 2015 School Travel Plan (Document downloaded from the Brent STP and the Transport for London website) School Travel http://brentstp.org/


School Travel Our Aim :  Preston Park Primary School is committed to ensuring that everyone travelling to and from the school can do so as safely as possible. We encourage those travelling to the site to use environmentally friendly modes of transport and to be aware of the needs of those living in the immediate vicinity of the school. We believe this contributes to the health, safety and developing independence of pupils and good relationships with our neighbours.The School wishes to give all children a sense of self-discipline, care for the environment and a tolerance and respect for others, both within the School and the wider community