School aims and vision

Welcome to Preston Park School.

One world under one roof

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 Preston Park is a large, three-to-four form entry community school, committed to providing an excellent education for the 840 pupils who come here.  

School Ethos & Aims

We aim for excellence, quality and equality for all.

We believe that education is a partnership between school and home life and we strive to build the best possible relationships with familes to ensure that all children benefit from a happy, positive environment and relationships with their teachers and other staff. 

We aim to foster an enviroment whereby everyone is included, feels safe & are motivated to learn.

We aim to give children a solid foundation to excel later in life.

We aim to offer our children lots of different experiences to learn about different aspects of life and the world to help them become independent, altruistic members of society.

We aim to give all children a sense of self-discipline, care for the environment and a tolerance and respect for others, both within the school and the wider community.

School Travel Our Aim :  Preston Park Primary School is committed to ensuring that everyone travelling to and from the school can do so as safely as possible. We encourage those travelling to the site to use environmentally friendly modes of transport and to be aware of the needs of those living in the immediate vicinity of the school. We believe this contributes to the health, safety and developing independence of pupils and good relationships with our neighbours.