Aims and Objectives for teaching Humanities (Geography and History) at Preston Park Primary School:

a) To promote an interest and enjoyment in learning about the past and theworld they live in

b) To enable children to ask and answer questions about the past and their world

c) To learn about the development of Britain, Europe and the wider world.

d) To develop research and interpretation skills using a range of media and artefacts.

e) To develop a sense of chronology and an understanding of how to use of historic terms.

f) to enable children to communicate their knowledge and understanding in a variety of ways.

g) To address issues of equal opportunities in context, challenging stereotypes, with an awareness of the background and cultural heritage of all pupils.

h) To teach historical and geographical knowledge.

i) To support or provide  means of enriching other areas of the curriculum.

j) To provide opportunities for learning through visits to places of historic and geographical interest, handling primary and secondary sources, bringing visitors into school and partaking in field trips.

k) To develop an awareness of their surroundings and the wider world through an appreciation of the variety of physical and human environment.

l) To foster a sense of responsibility about the environment and promote an active participation in caring for the environment.

m) To help children to develop an informed concern about the quality of the environment and the future of the global environment, including an awareness and understanding of the issue of sustainability.


We have also imbedded research and interpretation and presentation skills in History and Geography through ICT. Through this, children at Preston Park Primary School will have the opportunity to use:

  • Word processor and Publisher
  • Internet and CD Rom
  • Micro-soft Power Point
  • Databases and spreadsheets
  • Applications available on iPads