Curriculum Provision


Reception, years 1 & year 2 lessons are taught by the class teacher, with some classes having their lesson with Mrs Joslin (music co-ordinator). Lessons include a range of singing, learning how to play percussion instruments correctly, whole class, groupwork, learn the meaning of musical terms. Schemes of work are closely linked to QCA scheme for Music


Years 3 and 4 are taught by a Brent tutor - focusing on singing (also part singing) and recorder playing, whole class


Year 5 are taught by another Brent tutor - focusing on percussion and rhythmic work, whole class,


Year 6 are taught by the class teacher/ sometimes Mrs Joslin - this term they are focusing on rhythm work and cyclic patterns, whole class teaching/groupwork
Children are taught singing in assembly once a week - R/yr1/yr2, yr3/4, yr 5/6. songs focus on the school value of the month, festivals, national celebrations


Children have the opportunity to learn an instrument in KS2. In September we are offering: violin, recorder, keyboard, drum kit, guitar, trombone, trumpet, tuba, tabla, flute


Children who are more interested in singing/ playing their instrument with others have the opportunity to join the school orchestra and choir, which rehearses at lunchtimes.


The children at Preston Park are given lots of opportunities to participate in various Musical projects. 

Well done to all the children who took part in the Young Voices Concert. What a wonderful and fantastic experience for us all. Our chor worked extremely hard to learn so many songs and sounded amazing. I am very proud of their commitment to the school choir and look forward to the next exciting performance we do.

 Mrs Joslin



 Click on the link below to see the what happened when the choir went to the 02 Arena!

The Choir at the O2 Arena