Preston Park follows the Brent RE curriculum, which takes into consideration the wide range of religions and backgrounds which we celebrate within our school. Although the children have opportunities to discover about many religions, lessons always refer to similiarities which are evident and the experiences of the children.

Pupils at the school acquire knowledge and understanding about religious beliefs and practices, and share their own religious and cultural backgrounds with others. We hope that children will grow up well informed and tolerant individuals.


The aims of Religious education at Preston Park are as follows:

  • To allow children to understand the source and nature of religion and to consider the fundamental questions of human existence;
  • To develop knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs and practices and of their place and significance in human life;
  • To develop an awareness of the importance of commitment to personal faith;
  • To develop respect for the integrity of those holding different beliefs and develop positive attitudes towards them and a sensitive understanding of the privileges of living in a multi-faith society;
  • To understand the connection between belief and morality and its effect on personal relationships, attitudes and choices.

RE is taught through a range of techniques including: story, discussion, role play, pictures, artefacts and ICT. Pupils may also be given the opportunity to visit places of worship.  These offer pupils a hands on approach to understanding how other people practice their faith but at no point will pupils be expected to participate in these practices themselves.

Religious education is an entitlement of all children as part of the statutory curriculum. Parents’ rights – to withdraw their children from all or part of the religious education provided – are maintained by section 71 of the School Standards and Framework act 1998. It is our policy that all requests will be responded to with sensitivity, establishing with parents:

  • the religious issues about  which the parent would object to his/ her child being taught
  • the practical implications of withdrawal
  • the circumstances in which the school can reasonably be expected to accommodate such parental wishes

However, it is intended that the religious education here will be inclusive - respectful of the integrity of all pupils and staff - and that the parents will endeavour to recognise its contribution to the aims and ethos of our school.


The right of individual members of staff to withdraw from religious education are similarly respected.