Reading is an important part of education and your child should be encouraged to read at home everyday, either independently or with an adult.  Here at Preston Park we believe that children should be building reading skills from reception age onwards, and we would like to think that you make time to read the books we send home each week with your child.  Please remember, if your child is in reception or Key stage 1, we also require a brief comment from you to let us know how you think your child is doing.  

The best way to ensure that your child develops their reading skills is to ensure that they have time each day to read, either with you or independently.

At Preston Park, Reading is very closely linked with Phonics (please view the Phonics tab on the left hand side of this page).  We encourage all children to use their Phonic skills when segmenting and blending words and this is a skill they will learn from Reception. 

The reading schemes we use at Preston Park are:

  • Rising Stars
  • Sunshine reading scheme
  • Lighthouse books
  • GINN reading scheme
  • We have new guided readers in reception on ORT including Traditional Tales, Floppy Phonics, Songbirds Phonics, Glow-Worms Poems and Fireflies

Generally there are 4 different types of reading that we as adults, do each day.

  • Skimming- running the eyes over quickly, to get the gist
  • Scanning- looking for a particular piece of information
  • Extensive reading- longer texts for pleasure
  • Intensive reading - shorter texts, extracting specific information, accurate reading

Click here for a detailed explanation of these techniques.

Click here for the reading bands parents booklet.

When children are developing their reading skills, we encourage 'Intensive reading'.  It is important then to ask your child lots of questions about the books they are reading to ensure that they are also developing their conprehension skills at this time.

Reading at school and home will ensure your child has as much help as possible to not only read each book but also to build comprehension skills and below are some websites that can help you help your child read. 

Click here to go to Oxford Owl, a website designed to help parents help their child read.

Click here for Directgov and tips on developing reading skills.

Click here for Reading Rocket site designed for parents who want to help their child read. 

YouTube also has many videos that offers advice and tips for helping your child.  To assess this site please click here.