Reception 2015/16

Welcome to the Reception page

Reception is an important and exciting year for your child at Preston Park. For some they will be coming from our Nursery and for others it is the first time they enter education and school life.  Your child will be having new learning experiences at school so it is important then to talk to your child about their day and to begin to make time at home to read with them.

Typical Day in Reception - click here for a power point presentation 

Spellings - click here for a list a spellings for children in Reception

Learning Resources

The Recption teachers will do their best to offer children learning resources on the Earlt Years Fronter page throughout the year.  Please click here to access the curiculum map for Reception so you have an overview of the topics for each subject for each term. 

The London Grid for Learning is an online website that schools' use for learning resources for Reception aged childre.  You can find the LGFL website by clicking here. 

The BBC website has an area especially designed for children and has lots of learning resources and games that will teach, extend and consoilate learning for your child.  Click here to access this site and remind your children that the 'Bitesize Primary' area focuses on topics they are currently learning about in school.

Click here for the Summer Curriculum Plan 2015-16