Writing at Preston Park

At Preston Park we aim to:

To give each child the skills to write for a variety of audiences, with confidence and accuracy within a range of contexts.

  • To raise standards in writing through ‘Positive Assertive Mentoring’, incorporating the ‘Big Write.’
  • To ensure there is a clear progression in the teaching of writing which includes familiarisation of text type, structural and language features and by independent and supported compositions.
  • To provide meaningful contexts for writing activities across the curriculum.

Expected Outcomes:

  • A positive attitude to Writing across the school.
  • Standards in writing will raise in line with Local Authorities averages at the least, while aspiring to National averages and above.

Different Types of Writing at Preston Park:

Modelled Writing

The teacher talks aloud the thought processes as a writer. They have complete control over the writing and make explicit the structure, language features, spelling and punctuation of the text type.

Shared Writing

This is a collaborative approach; pupils contribute their ideas and thoughts for the teacher to select the most appropriate. The teacher needs to give reasons for the choices made.

Supported Composition

The children work in pairs to provide the next sentence of the text. This may follow from either modelled or the shared writing process.

Guided Writing

Pupils are grouped by writing ability. The teacher works with each group in rotation during the week. The task is carefully selected to provide an appropriate level of challenge and will focus on a particular aspect of the writing process as opposed to writing a complete piece. Tasks may include the processes of planning, drafting and editing pieces of writing.

Independent Writing

Children are given opportunities to apply their understanding of the text type in their own writing. This is vitally important if children are to develop their skills as writers within different genres.